Plasma Surgery System Products


Release time:2016-09-13 11:19:26


●Bipolar or multi-polar cutting, low temperature ablation, resection,hemostasis and coagulation, minimally-invasive, safe and reliable way.

●One ABLATION modes (including resection, hemostasis and ablation); One PLACOAG mode (including hemostasis; coagulation).

●Different types of probes are optional:  The length, diameter, radian, energy level of probes are designed as per requirements of different locations and different diseases.

●Multi-function probe designed for ablation, coagulation,hemostasis and resection. All functions are achieved at the same handle and in same output socket, thus no need to change probes frequently during surgery. 

● Supplied with the functions and accessories for multi-pole suction and resection. Can be carried out in knee joint, shoulder joint, hip joint, small joint(wrist, elbow, ankle), and surgeries for the joint cartilage and tendon disease.



With different orthopedics probes, Mechan carries out cutting, ablation, coagulation,homeostasis and thermal shrinkage molding on the human beings tissue by low temperature plasma energy.