About Us

Company profile:

Chengdu Mechan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002, the leader in Chinese Plasma Surgery System Industry. It is a high-tech enterprise combined production with sales, also a pioneer in the production of plasma medical products, including low temperature urology plasma surgery system, low temperature ENT plasma surgery system, low temperature orthopedics plasma surgery system, etc.

Mechan is the first plasma surgery system manufacturer getting CE approved in 2014,and also got certificates of FSC, ISO13485,RoHS,etc.

Plasma surgery system helps to realize minimally invasive injury to patients successfully. Plasma surgery system can do prostatectomy in Urology surgery, turbinate channeling, tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy in ENT, synovial bursa excision and meniscus plasty in orthopedics, etc.

Surgeons feel very comfortable to operate the surgery due to barely bleeding and real time hemostasis.

Patients feel light pain after the operation, and recovery time is much less compared with traditional treatment methods like electrosurgery.

Our vision is to become a professional company taking low temperature plasma technology as core to produce minimally invasive products for whole departments, and make the low-temperature plasma technology as the must tool for surgeons .