Plasma Surgery System Products


Release time:2016-09-12 17:19:17


1.Bipolar or multipolar cutting, low temperature ablation, resection,hemostasis and coagulation, minimally-  invasive, safe and reliable way. 

2.Two ABLATION modes(including channeling, resection, hemostasis and ablation)

One PLACOAG mode( including hemostatic; coagulation).

3.Different types of probes optional:  The length, diameter, radian, energy level of probes are designed as per requirements of different locations

4.Multi-fuction probe designed for ablation, coagulation,hemostasis and resection. All functions are achieved at the same one handle and in same output socket, thus no need to change probes frequently during surgery. 



Supplied with the fuctions and accessories for suction and resection, good at CAUP,UPPP,Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Papilloma, Polypus, and other Tumor Surgeries.

It is supplied with the function and accessories for safe and efficient surgery of lesion tissues at concealed and deep locations,e.g. deep laryngeal and tougue base.


Adjustable host machine audible call. Working audible call of ABLATION and PLACOAG is dirrerent, to avoid stepping on the wrong foot pedal.

Automatic detection technology of impedance and energy. Monitoring system of thermal damage depth.

Normal saline drip unit is optional. It’s designed to drip normal saline as per clinical requirement.

Host machine can automatically identify the connection status of handle and footswitch.

Plasma density at the probe tip is detected.

ABLATION and PLACOAG modes can be started-up or changed through footswitch.

Plasma density at the probe tip is detected.

Default power level can be automatically set up against successful connection of footswitch.